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because I am a trader... I literally use over bought and over...

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    because I am a trader... I literally use over bought and over sold triggers... yes I do research the companies, but I follow the hype... I buy in the fear, and sell in the hype... I have been trading since 2007... in the last 5 years I believe I have perfected my trading...

    I dont get emotional as you say... I literally trade volumes... BIT for example I have traded 7 times, not worried about BIT225 coming to frution, Its in a fear moment the SP, Im hoping for a sell down, then I will buy again and exit on the hype... best way to make money in this gambling game

    FGF, I have been in and out of also numerous times... did really well out of it because it to is another stock that can turn over the volumes... I dont believe in the company however, big difference..

    like you I changed my nick name, I was Soothsayer... you and I bumped heads numerous times.. even then you seemed like you lacked experience and could only resort to name calling and insults when you couldn't answer the questions..

    FGF is a worry at present, I talked with them last week... obviously no one knows other than insiders what is happening there... ASIC not happy about something... very unusual to be in suspension this long, from my experience they are in trouble, time will tell, update is needed...

    any way.... what ever... keep up with the insults, its about all you seem to know .

    my interest in DCC has its place... but it isnt what you think..

    you know what will make DCC sky rocket?... not bitcoin, that is for sure...
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