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    I went through a similar crunching exercise. It added more fuel to the flames of my suspicions that Mark Read is deliberately hiding something.

    As October/November Group Turnover rose 102% versus the PCP it follows that some segments rose at least that much.

    Why doesn't he specify these stellar performers? Why instead does he focus on the relative plodder - the core Australian racing segment which grew 55%. 47% BELOW the whole figure!


    "I am pleased to report that IAS‘s revenue margin also doubled last year‘s performance."

    Very vague, so assume the worst. If "revenue margin" means "gross win" then this December quarter should be double last December's 3,933 (= 61,293 - 57,360). i.e. 7,866.

    The recent September quarter recorded 6,998 (=86,078 - 79,080).

    i.e. a 13% QoQ lift.

    If OCF also lifts 13% to 3,116, that will be BELOW the June quarter.

    Importantly the IAS gross win should drop significantly below the September quarter's 8.3%
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