Didn't we learn from 1936-39?

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    Wasn't the big lesson of those years that appeasement doesnt work well?

    First an Austrian court and then that hallowed hall of unprogressive neoliberalism, the European Court of Human Rights, have both found a woman guilty of disparaging religious doctrines for discussing Mohammed's marriage to a child.
    It was found that the seminars she held might "stir up prejudice and threaten religioud peace" and a criminal conviction was recorded and a fine imposed.

    Aside from the freedom of speech issue and the question of how this Islamic tradition on child marriages is acceptable in modern communities, has Europe now reached the point where it is afraid to allow people to express their abhorrence about things that are abhorrent?

    What next? Will people be jailed for objecting to streets being blocked for prayer? Should we worry about a knock on the door at night if we say anything against polygamy?

    When does a line get drawn?

    (See article in ZeroHedge)
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