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did rivkin really bag vcr?

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    These markets commentators like Rivkin and West need stories to tell....Thats is how they make their money and reputations....Chats forums allow the little guys a chance to talk......Very unsettling for the commentators having to share the soap box with all of us....Then add in the fact that they can"t get the stories first......To many eyes and ears in the chat forums with such a diversity of knowledge and talent......So they prefer to bag the chat room commentators(traders).....Old guard/new guard.....You areupsetting them more than they are upsetting you...And they need to push punters in and out of plays like QAN that have sufficient volumes for their subscribers to get in and out....It really pisses them off all the micro caps and biotechs.....Move far to fast and too small for them to get into...And that is where all the action is and they are can"t get into the game....
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