diabetes breakthrough

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    Anyone follow this stock.

    Some interesting announcements made today...

    Sydney - Tuesday - August 26: (RWE) - An Australian
    biotechnology company today announced an exciting new discovery which
    may lead to early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult
    onset diabetes.
    AGT Biosciences Ltd has found that people born with a variation
    of the PARL gene have a much higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
    The importance of this variant increases significantly as people
    Australian Science Minister Peter McGauran today announced the
    discovery at AGT Biosciences in Geelong.
    "Diabetes currently affects one million people in Australia and
    120 million worldwide.
    "This new research is a breakthrough in understanding what
    causes Type 2 diabetes," Mr McGauran said.
    "Adult onset diabetes is on the increase. This is the biggest
    single contributor to the disease ever found at a genetic level.
    "The implications of this breakthrough will mean tests for early
    prognosis and may eventually lead to an improved treatment for Type 2
    diabetes," said Mr McGauran.
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