dfat knew before howard lied to us

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    Rudd says DFAT had intelligence doubts

    The Federal Opposition says the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was aware intelligence on Iraq's nuclear program was unreliable before the Prime Minister used it to argue the case for war.

    Yesterday the peak intelligency agency, the Office of National Assessments, admitted it knew of serious doubts from the US State Department over reports Iraq was sourcing uranium from Africa.

    Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd says, like the ONA, the DFAT should have raised the alarm before Mr Howard put the information to Parliament in February.

    Mr Rudd believes there is a pattern emerging.

    "Conveniently we now have, it appears, a firewall constructed between the Prime Minister on one hand and the Office of National Assessments on the other, and now it seems between the Foreign Minister on the one hand and his own department on the other," he said.

    "Where does the buck stop in the Australian system of government?"
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