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    There are a couple of important items which in my opinion should not be overlooked:

    1. The VCR LVAD device is better designed than anything else known at present. It is very elegant but also less costly than designs using bearings or valves of any kind.

    The VCR Patent cannot be infringed and the design is so revolutionary that it is almost impossible to get anywhere near that.
    Bloodclots, damage to blood cells, heating up of the device, rejection and noise are some of the problems these other devices encounter but are virtually non existent in the VCR device.

    In my opinion, as long as the patient is healthy, his/her life is not limited by the VCR device as it just keeps on performing.

    Readers need to be aware of the word "Generation".

    VCR had 2 prototypes but these were never implanted in humans but were carried by sheep instead. That was a cheap way of progression.
    So, the present 3rd generation is the third attempt and they succeeded.

    Now, if you hear that another company has a 4th Generation device, then that doesn't mean that it is better than the 3rd Generation VCR device.

    Not at all. It simply means that they had designed 3 devices before and this is the fourth one.

    2. The Medicare decision on Sept. 15.

    THe VCR design has the design and quality that will continue to be in demand IMHO. It is now said that Medicare could wholly or partially subsidize LVADS and some $US 12 Bill. costs are mentioned.

    Thoratec asked for this as a much larger market is really needed and there certainly will be if the decision goes through.

    The effect would be to increase share prices and VCR would be no exception. I can only guess it to be worth say at least $1 per share. I did complain that the price before the correction had already incorporated that, instead of a small fraction.

    3. Takeover.
    The prudent investor will need to take that into account, particularly as the VCR device is the best available.

    Sure, VCR would like do the pivotal trial themselves-they have the means to do so- and market the device, but the threat of a partial takeover -say up to 75% - at a good price remains and theoretically needs to be taken into account.

    So, summarizing, *if* there is to be a second correction, then the above mentioned items should limit the size of that.

    Readers, please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

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