Desperate LNP tires for court injunctions

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    But fails against Labor and will probably fail against Getup.
    Queensland election 2015: LNP takes Labor to court over 'misleading' vote banners

    Updated 22 minutes agoSat 31 Jan 2015, 1:25pm
    Photo: The LNP objected to this Labor how-to-vote banner. (Supplied: LNP)

    Map: Redland Bay 4165
    The Liberal National Party (LNP) has failed in a bid to gain a court injunction against the Labor Party over a series of polling booth signs.
    The white and purple banners were hanging on voting grounds in the Redlands electorate on Brisbane's bayside with the words: "Remember to number every square".
    The LNP argued in the Supreme Court that this was misleading.
    But Labor state secretary Anthony Chisholm said the party was allowed to continue displaying the signs.
    Meanwhile, the lobby group Get Up said the LNP had sought a Supreme Court injunction over its how-to-vote cards urging people to put the LNP last on their ballot paper.
    The LNP has been approached for comment.

    Dave R.
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