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deserting a floating ship

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    Well it looks as though my wish from yesterday is coming true? The rats, I mean 'day traders', appear to be deserting the ship...thank God!! And please don't bother to come back on board either!!!

    I will be very interesting to see what the next set of results are for MLS? Zinc or Uranium....not a bad choice either way. The broker research I've been reading shows a tightening in supply for both, so expect to see some upward movement in both commodities. MLS has two really interesting projects, and at this price, it is too cheap!

    Must say that if I didn't have faith in the the team at MLS I'd probably be worried, but I just keep adding to my stash.....LOL.

    Everyone has to make their own decision on this one! If you don't like it, go elsewhere, but guess what? There will be someone else to buy your shares, who will then make money from their purchase....
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