OBJ 0.00% 1.5¢ obj limited

dermisonics v. obj =13-26 cents

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    Without getting into the pro's and con's of competing biotech technologies (of which I know very little) a direct comparision of two competing "early stage" biotech technologies throws up the following comparisons. We are talking early stage high risk investments here. Dermasonics trades on OTCBB (recently listed) at a valuation range of US$35 - 70 million. This is very much in line with US valuations for start-ups with some promise (generally speaking). So valuing OBJ at the same "valuation range" puts the share price at between 13 to 26 cents. This is very much in line with some earlier valuation comments that I posted earlier. In the event that a big pharma decides to get involved the price should spike considerably above these levels.

    Whichever way the current shareprice moves it is still running at a very considerable discount to "typical valuation" in an international setting. IMHO any price decline is a buy.
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