Blooreeler is fixated on tarnishing one side. That poster and...

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    Blooreeler is fixated on tarnishing one side. That poster and those of the same ilk have milked the issue non stop for years lol!. Of course there are Liberals and their associates and even family members etc who fall foul of the law but they are never mentioned by these conservatives that engage in dirt politics.

    A young person went down the wrong track as do tens of thousands and become a drug user and presumably sold some to finance their habit. It is a scourge and there are too many of our young who are susceptible. In this instance the young man was apparently rehabilitated and later met Tanya Plibersek and they married. Apparently Blooreeler feels that if one falls by the way in youth but later comes good they should be treated like they are not worthy of existence for the rest of their lives. Plibersek as a young woman apparently met him after he had been rehabilitated
    and he has done no wrong since. Blooreeler wants for grubby political purposes not only to slip the boot in to her husband but wants to punish her for what the young man had done before she knew him.
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