Deputy Lib Leader Julie Bishop replaced by a man

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    I was just wondering who the heck is Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party now that popular Julie Bishop is on the back bench. I pondered did they replace her with another woman?

    I checked and to my surprise noted it was Josh Frydenberg something that I had overlooked during the leadership change. I knew he had been appointed Treasurer but had overlooked his accession to Deputy Leader.

    So another blow to women by the liberal Party!

    No wonder they are losing support of women by the day.

    Then again, the reason that possibly no women may have put their hand up was because at the time they were being reportedly bullied and harassed to vote a particular way.

    What has evolved from the removal of Malcolm Turnbull is bizarre. It looks like the whole thing may happened in an ill considered uncontrolled way. Was it during a full moon lol? It’s no wonder Malcolm Turnbull described it as a madness.
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