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    Im also holding my calls - prob till wednesday when the US reacts to latest round of data which should be good news overall. Ive pulled out of NCP calls too early twice in the last 2 months and will be letting this one run. If it breaks down thru support at $11.75 i will be bearish otherwise its still trending up. I expect the US markets to be bulish this week and this would help NCP continue up. Prob heading towards $14.00 level.
    What I was wondering is - with the low volumes but steady rise does that signify a lack of support by funds? I remember 2 yrs ago maybe more the funds were way short of NCP and it went to $24 - I dont think they can afford to make the same mistake twice and once NCP gets to around $14 with support under it - it will get the funds' money behind it.
    Just my thoughts.
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