department of peace

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    A US Congressman and anti-war activist on Tuesday revived his proposal for the creation of a "US Department of Peace" to be headed by a cabinet-level official on a par with the Secretary of State or Secretary of Defence.

    Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, a presidential candidate and an outspoken critic of President Bush's policy on Iraq, unsuccessfully introduced similar legislation in July 2001.

    But he said he is reintroducing the bill because, especially during this time of war, Washington needs a Peace Department.

    "Now, more than ever, this legislation is urgently needed," Mr Kucinich said.

    "Our current foreign policy makes our nation less safe and will make it impossible to meet our domestic needs," Mr Kucinich said.

    The proposed legislation calls for a department that would advocate non-violence and peace education.

    It would support international disarmament treaties and help resolve potentially violent conflicts around the world, Mr Kucinich said.

    The Department of Peace would also promote non-violence as an organising principle in our society, and would generally seek to "help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world," he said.
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