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    "The result of thousands of election observers standing in front of the polls was to make it darn near impossible for election fraud to occur." says o'Lie's posting where she also says Denman is a dill.

    So you believe that that is all you need to prevent electoral fraud? LOL

    I've been posting on this topic for over eighteen months where my main concern is one of voting machines, corrupt voting machine corporations and the sold-out government officials who support them. These machines are nothing but Trojan horses built by and for election thieves. There is no way to recount, no way to see a paper trail for inaccuracy or fraud and that is why exit polls are necessary because they help to pick up discrepancies. In this latest election exit polls did just that, forcing exit poll companies to alter their actual results. Why?

    The point I'm making is that the final count still takes place inside the infamous computerized "black box," beyond the reach of public scrutiny but not beyond the reach of fraudsters with secret knowledge and a compter with a modem.

    Hand counted paper ballots and eternal vigilance are the only hope left for the US of A.

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