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    You know all that guff about electoral fraud?- no doubt fuelled by

    Read this 1st hand experience

    "I spent the last five days before the election in Ohio. sent legions of very serious college students and recycled 1960s hippies to poling places looking for election fraud. These people were thought that they were looking for Republican dirty tricks, but by in large they were earnest people who bought into the Soros, DU line that election violations were a Republican thing. The only thing that most of the recruits were interested in was a fair election.

    The result of thousands of election observers standing in front of the polls was to make it darn near impossible for election fraud to occur. I would invite your attention to the comparison of Bush/Gore votes in the precincts that voted for Gore in 2000 to the totals in the same precincts in 2004. There was no voter fraud in any place that I observed.

    Bush fared a whole lot better in 2004 than in 2000 in most of these precincts. The results were so dramatic in some of the precincts as to suggest that the 2000 results were the result of something other than normal voting patterns.

    My personal view is that what happened is that was the victim of the law of unintended consequences. They seduced a whole bunch of Democrats with the concept that they would be keeping Republicans from committing voter fraud. What happened was that they eliminated Democrat voter fraud. The net result was a fair election.

    Most of us are only seeking a fair election. Long live, especially since they have no idea what they are really doing. "

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