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    Dems Register al-Qaida Terrorists in Ohio Vote Drive

    Democratic Party activist groups in Ohio have registered at least two known terrorists involved in a plot to blow up a shopping center in a bid to get out the vote for John Kerry.

    Nuradin Abdi - a Somali immigrant and admitted al-Qaida member who was indicted earlier this year as part of a conspiracy to blow up the Columbus Mall - was registered to vote by the civil rights group ACORN, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

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    ACORN has spearheaded an aggressive Democratic Party vote drive in the battleground states.

    Iyman Faris, another new Ohio voter added to the rolls by Democrats, is currently serving a 20-year jail sentence for his role in surveilling potential al-Qaida targets - including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Dispatch said.

    According to the Ohio News Now TV network, Abdi's name was added to the rolls by ACORN employee Kevin Eugene Dooley, as part of the group's Project Vote operation.

    Dooley was indicted earlier this year on two felony election offenses - false election registration and submitting false election signatures to the Ohio Board of Elections.

    "As far as board of elections is concerned, Abdi is a registered voter," Ohio board of elections director Matt Damschroeder told ONN.

    Only after Abdi's case was exposed did Ohio officials strike his name from the voting rolls, due to his status as an illegal alien.

    Faris became a naturalized citizen in 1999 but is not eligible to vote because he's an incarcerated felon.

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