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    I'M EXCITED ABOUT the possibility that 802.11 public access--the so-called "hot spots"--may provide a real alternative to expensive (and slower) 3G cellular data networks. I am concerned, however, that hot spot access may remain itself relatively expensive and that the number of providers will increase before it consolidates. Until that consolidation happens, you may find yourself at a hot spot with no easy/inexpensive way to use it because it doesn't belong to your chosen carrier. The T-Mobile people, who run the Starbucks hot spots, aren't helping matters any with their pricing models, which I believe are much too expensive.

    (T-Mobile's customers may not be doing Starbucks any favors either: They take up seating space for hours, working on their computers while consuming nary a decaf-lowfat-white-mocha-latte-no-whip.)

    I'm intrigued by devices on the drawing board that would scan for available networks--be they home or office wireless LANs, hot spots, or 3G networks--and connect through the best one. Of course, 3G pricing needs to come down a lot in order to make this an option for any but the rich and connectionless.

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