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Little update here for holders of DELECTA LIMITED DLC ASXMarket...

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    Little update here for holders of DELECTA LIMITED DLC ASX

    Market Cap of $17.1 M right now.

    Totally undervalued penny stock with a Market Cap of $6.051M sitting here on the asx in plain sight. Do the math.

    Segment revenue of $16.543

    Total segment revenue of $16,652M for the last year ending 30 June 2020.

    If distribution assets were sold it would bring at least $33 Million + or more

    A simple rule of thumb is a company is worth 2 times revenue if it were to be sold on the open market. (A private sale is often worth much more). Adultshop was approched often in the past with offers for its two business slices. The m.day at last was made an offer he could not refuse so he sold the Adultshop part and retained the distribution part which is now call DELECTA LIMITED DLC. Calvista and the rest of the parts still have their inherent value on the market and could be sold at any time The Company receives an offer it cannot refuse.

    That gives DLC a value of over 33 Million AussieLand Dollars and it means it is give or take a few thousand Dollars, over 5.5 times undervalued. I have seen punters hunting for a 5 bagger here on the asx for years and years and here is one sitting in plain sight. Strange people that would pay a woman money for service would not buy a stock because it makes money with sex toys. All real men like expensive toys. Go Figure!

    No debt and no Cash Raising Death Spiral on the horizon.

    DLC has a huge business with sex toys, cash flow, mineral rights properties, partnerships, shares they can sell for cash, Think about it a little. The terror of panny stocks is the constand cash raising and dillution of shareholder value year after year with no end. The t.sage rule of business was to have one CR after another, do no mining at all, and keep receiving a huge salary year after year. Only good for the true belivers market dummies. DLC does not and will not have to do a CR DEATH SPIRAL any time soon unless a deal is too big to refuse! .

    11 Million shares of EUR adds another $1.1M to the total value combined with total cash of $1.845M and the value if sold of Delecta Distribution equals over $36M + without any mineral rights valued. Nothing valued at all.

    Throw in the 11 million shares of EUR, the Highline Mine mineral rights, the Uranium and Vanadium mineral rights, and the value of various inventory holdings and there is even more value. Not to mention money in the bank and no debt, and the 20% of JDR. (JADAR)

    Market Cap of $17.1M at present with a basic value of $36M + and lots of room for a pop if the mineral rights get a new evaluation!

    But remember it is your money and your risk. At the very least the SP could double right now based only on the value of the parts of DLC. So be very careful indeed. Looks like my 6 bagger call back in 2020 will turn out to be correct perhaps.

    Think about it. DLC is a potential 6 bagger just like it is without the bang for the buck involved in success with the mining venture. Holders of DLC could be telling their great grandchildren about this one for years. Or not. Right now DLC is only a penny stock............

    No Brainers are seldom offered on the asx. I like those odds 4 SURE! But most of the shares already are owned by the top 20 shareholders and a few large holders in Europe so not sure how long these cheap shares will continue to be offered on the market.

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