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deja vu

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    Meomites , i have returned like it or lump it, hehhe , have just enjoyed 4 weeks in europe,boy was it hot , hmm doesnt seem that heat applies to meo atm, imo, i see we got some more new tenaments which sounds gr8???? Top 20 looks tricky, and im still on the negative side of market and i know ya hate to hear that, i still see sp coming off more even with cash backing..... but until i see some one ballsy enough to start to tackle world debt crisis i think that the market could come back to at least 3700 and sure this is a gr8 time to buy, but itll be better and we have no control over that, I was in vatican of all places when i met a Texan oil developer, go figure,and as he said they are in process of organising some areas of development off wa but cant employ engineers to do the work coz no one wants to work go figure anyway more detail on that another time, but im still thinkn -82 is a looooooooooong way away from returning still i have to hang in there but im out of any other stocks bar a couple for the moment.iam i c ur are still keeping us in formed so is have you any start date for eni or is it the usual never ending story, biongiorno. ( thats not teh correct spelling sorry)
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