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    This Capital raise is good news.

    I know DEG has enough cash to drill for another year but right now the potential here for the astute is obvious.

    Whoever comes to the party will be welcome because they have done their due diligence and I don’t believe it will be done on the cheap now at all with what I understand being the company and it’s most major shareholder wanting to take this all the way to production in the coming years. This company will not sell out for a quick buck as many struggling explores do.

    Extra cash means more drilling on ground to define and jorc the ever expanding deposit. It also means they will eventually be able to find some ground to be able to build a plant where there is no Gold. For now it is hard to even decide that as the footprint grows.

    I believe there is much more good news to come.

    I spoke to a globetrotting Geo the other day and asked him to have a look at all this for me. I told him about this company when it was at 20 cents and he wished he bought in then. I told him it was quite a new style of discovery in the Pilbara and after having a look he is now 100% in.

    The cap raise is a positive and it is only downrampers that wish they got in earlier think it is negative. The potential here is enormous in a world that is looking for safe haven assets at present.

    The Gold price is finding new feet right now and has been sideways for many weeks. In the next few weeks the world begins to understand the new normal because of the virus issue. I think we are at a time revisiting the prices of gold and prices explorers and producers jumping as they did in the 70’s again as companies are looking for safe havens world wide.

    It is unfortunate that some Mum and Dad investors have let go of this stock recently because they have doubled, tripled or quadrupled their money but I encourage those that still hang onto this stock to hang on further. This story has just begun. This is a new discovery when previous drilling was Iron ore concentrated in the past.

    Don’t believe the naysayers that post on this forum trying to downramp this stock. They just wish they had invested at the beginning of the year at 5 cents or less when many of us who did are seeing our prudent investments rising daily some days at times much more per day than what Supermodels will only get out of bed for per hour. I love seeing my Commsec account telling me I am good for $20K or more each day.

    This capital raise is good and will engender this company much more opportunities for current holders and future investors.

    Do your own DD and do not rely on this as advice. I am a very happy holder and want people to research what they are getting into or out of. You all have to understand the fundamentals and understand that funds are about to pour in to get this discovery into production or even more future discovery. I say well done DEG team.


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