deflation - already a reality

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    I don't know why the US fed is so worried about deflation, it's already here and we live with it fine!

    Computers are the best example, we all know buying computer equipment today can be bought alot cheaper in the future .. that's computer reality but it doesn't stop us from buying computers.

    Cars, these devalue quicker than computers so it's always wise to wait when buying any new car because in a years time it will be last years model and discounted. You might even get a good demo for even greater discount. I have my eye on a certain car but i'd never buy it brand new!

    Also, in a world economy, manufactured goods from third world nations have brought prices down on most products.

    Deflation is just the reality of the world today. It won't destroy any economy recovery in the US or elsewhere, only paniced actions from those in power could do that.
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