Deficit levy, business cuts and consumer confidence

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    The deficit levy is budgeted to raise $3.1 billion over 3 years, but with wage increases is expected to raise more than $1 billion a year in the future. I pay and have paid the deficit levy since its inception in 2014. I don't miss the money and even at this moment in time I don't spend my entire weekly wage and that is without factoring in yearly wage increases. Now if they were to stop the deficit levy what would I do with that money? Well it would go straight into our offset account and never see the meso economy in our community. So why take $1 billion a year out of the economy and give it back to me and the other 400, 000 high income Australians when we will never most likely spend it where it is needed? I would rather see this $1 billion used on capital works to further Australia.

    Now for the business cuts. I was talking to my mate who has a small business and I asked him what he proposed to do with the tax cut. His reply was simply, "I will pay myself a little more". I asked him would he employ another apprentice and his reply was no. He further commented that he still isn't confident that things will get better so he will hold off and see what happens.

    So the final part of opinion piece is why give business cuts instead of spending that money to create confidence? Why are we not creating a $50 billion infrastructure plan that will directly lead to increase work and revenue for small, medium and large business? If we build new business/community hubs, which will need skilled and unskilled workers and they will need places to shop, places to live, places to learn, places to play etc etc. Why when consumer confidence is so low do we think giving cuts is the most beneficial when as I explained previously this money will most likely never return to the economy?
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