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deep purple

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    if you go to UCTV.COM.AU you will see they have a Deep Purple channel, this is also on the new Smart T.V's
    now if they can do this with Deep Purple they could duplicate this with any artist, this could attract millions of fans from the respective groups, imagine a t.v channel dedicated to Deep Purple, maybe ACDC, the Stones,
    or anyone really, past or present.
    how much footage would there be of some of these bands.
    I remember going to Festival hall (the house of stoush) in the mid seventies (74 I think) to see Skyhooks, there was a band playing support I never heard of, had this bloke called Bon Scott swing out toward the crowd in a leopard skin, he didn't quite make it back but kept singing,
    the band was ACDC, 37 years on and they are still as big as ever, long live Bon Scott, and Shirl, Skyhooks went pretty good too.

    how much traffic will this bring to GCN's channels on LG and Sony T.V's.

    unlike normal T.V. this will work just like you tube where all the clips, interviews and documentary's will be stored to watch any time you want.

    Viewer numbers could increase to the millions, and in turn this will attract advertisers, this is not just content on computer or smart phones but these 2 as well as T.V,so GCN could offer advertisers space on all 3 forms of entertainment, web, phones and T.V.

    Look this is a new world and the possibilities are endless.
    yes GCN have failed in the past to make money from advertising, but this is a totally new ball game.

    The model is similar to facebook, gain a massive amount of viewers and then advertising will follow. they could have a few million viewers pretty soon.

    Look I know the market and even I have trouble understanding this, but I see huge possibilities here and see it only a mater of time.

    GCN is not on many peoples radar yet but that could change quickly.

    Price has been belted down from 7.3 due to a number of things and people, but could also rise back to that and well above when the market catches on to IPTV and numbers involved.

    there is a report done by a well known investor that I don't seem to be able to mention saying they have bought stock.
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