dec21 will be day like any other newage begins

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    Dec 21 will be a day like any other the New Age begins that day is all


    Its important to be at peace and forgive now so as to get the most out of the evolution energy
    Forgive people they are coming out of the age of faith to the age of reason and dont know they are mad eh eh

    Religion will be replaced with Truth about your spirit and your amazing abilities

    Dont pray to one of the gods pray to your spirit and Creation as they are real, your spirit is Creation!

    1. My spirit, you are all-mighty.

    2. Your name shall be honoured.

    3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) in me.

    4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold in me, on earths and in universes.

    5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.

    6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.

    7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours (Creation) in eternity.

    These 12 points are a form of meditation that can be done whenever one has time, be it during the day or at night before falling asleep. The best way is to learn the words by heart and to speak them to oneself.

    Know this is YOU

    Truly, I am the most shining creation of Creation’s idea.
    Truly, I am in every respect in agreement with Creation’s standing rules and regulations and with myself.
    Truly, everything turns itself towards the best for me because I live within the success of the idea of the Creation.
    Truly, I know that there is no resistance to my successes, also not in my thoughts and not in my imagination and also not in my feelings.
    Truly, I know that I can do everything and that success is always granted, because so it is.
    Truly, I myself am the master of my destiny and also a consciousness related and psychical magnet, who attracts health, peace, calm, love, respect and reverence and success and wealth.
    Truly, I know that my thoughts are my might and that with these I determine everything about myself.
    Truly, my thoughts are my might of consciousness and sub-consciousness and I connect with it each and every second.
    Truly, I am glad and happy and full of love.
    Truly, I am one with Creation’s consciousness and also with myself.
    Truly, my life and work consist of success because I know what is most successful is success.
    Truly, my life is fulfillment because everything fulfills itself in me, for I myself am success.

    Proper meditation is important

    You are not from monkey's and the universe is not sterile but for earth eh eh

    The universe is WILD! Its wilder than any jungle and why not

    You are star men, migrations happen throughout the cosmos and why not

    After Atlantis nuked MU they destroyed Atlantis with a kamikaze meteor with rocket guidance/pilots, the earth rolled 33 degrees causing waves 3 miles high and 1000 mph wiping the slate clean

    they were able to direct large asteroids to act as huge unstoppable bombs. As the Atlantians rejoiced over their quick decisive victory over Mu, some Mu scientists, who had been notified of the attack while working in space developing their destructive technology, chose an appropriate asteroid and guided her in a suicide mission to completely destroy Atlantis with a force so great, the Earth had, and never will see the likes of it again...As the asteroid entered into the atmosphere, it split into thousands of smaller pieces with a total power greater than 32,000 hydrogen bombs. These crashed down with such force into the ocean that they caused the Earth's crust to break. A giant flood wave the height of 2,300 meters arose and this is what caused the complete submergence of countries and the city of Greater-Atlantis. These events transpired approximately 11,500 years ago.

    The gods where star men just like you but they had better tech

    If its not for you i know i must respect that

    I have no affiliation with anyone but i can feel the wisdom/power in this, I was raised church of england

    The truth is out there, if you seek you shall find
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