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Dec Production

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    HK has filed production reports for Stifflemire, Nemo, Kaiser and Redbud.


    Remember its GROSS Production and its BOE
    1. Redbud is clearly non performing and a fair bit below the average type curve
    2. Nemo is almost perfectly tracking the type curve I've got for avg HK well
    3. Kaiser is now starting to significantly outperform the avg type curve and is about to overtake Stifflemire from point in time production
    4. Stifflemire is not maintaining the type curve I assigned from the beginning - it was matching or exceeding but now is  dropping below.

    Kaiser appears quite gassy  at 73% oil now versus about 86% early on. Stifflemire now is 84% oil.

    OK - overall production for Q4 (stuff you wont see detailed in the Qtrly for reasons unknown) as noted. I'll also make the observation that the total cumulative production I've got does differ from the Total BOE (Stifflemire at 108,305 vs 109,362; Nemo at 64,912 vs 68,463; Kaiser at 80,692 vs 86,762 and Redbud at 55,928 vs 61,502). Can't be bothered to investigate that further.

    Birch Carried wells - Q4 gross production (100% WI) of 84,439 and 25,332 (30% WI) and most importantly 18,998 to NRI (22.5%)
    Redbud - Q4 gross production 29,611, WI production 5,985  and NRI of 4,489

    Implied for Currington is Q4 gross 44,132 and then AKK WI becomes 2,558 and NRI of 1,919
    Implied for Seaducer is Q4 gross 10,227 and then AKK WI becomes 367 and NRI of 275

    Overall production to NRI in Birch = 25,681 Boe (or 282 boepd).

    Of those Boe's 18,998 goes straight to HK as the free carried wells have not reached payout. Leaves AKK able to collect cash for 6,683 Boes.

    I believe the Yolanda well does about 2 (yes two) boepd

    No production data for the company's  main operated interest - last report filed for Sep.

    Mississsippi data has been filed (operator is Aldridge - but Dec production mirrors Nov - too much holiday cheer maybe). Nonetheless total production has declined! I make it a total of 1,872 Bo to the NRI (37.5%) or 21 bopd. Even on a gross basis the total reported production to the MSOGB was 4,991 (or 55 bopd). Go check for yourselves.
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