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    just a quick point to make, i have made hundreds of posts re: rrs over the past 12 months as a investor not a trader & i have mentioned before that i was saying it was a buy at .04's- .05's, but do you actually expect me every time I post to say: 'oh by the way I mentioned this back when it was .04's-.05's as a buy and it got crunched when the kazakstan deal didnt go through" This was 10 months ago

    Simple fact is the kazakstan deal didnt go ahead, I personally thought it had dropped to far so I continued my mission to make people aware of this, & if they were to be holding from anytime then as investors not traders they will either be sitting on a nice profit or atleast have there money back.

    Also I never recall saying in my post that my posts are FANTASTIC.

    Hopefully next year we wont be bitching about the same argument.

    Happy New Year All

    A great close and hopefully a greater January to come
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