MSC 0.00% 6.4¢ minerals corporation limited

debenture - tomorrows gm

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    Tomorrows GM to approve the buyback of shares and convertable notes just might herald a new era for MSC.
    Debt will be extinguished, replaced by a debenture note backed up with Skardon River assets. There will be more suriety for exisiting convertable note holders who will lose 1% but gain back value lost because their CN are limited to a four for one redemption. Share holders will be delighted to exchange five shares for a one dollar security earning 10.5% that can be traded on ASX.

    Pierpoint has his doubts, but other analysts have a brighter view. Dryblower, for instances, is far more experienced in minerals, and he feels MSC is on the brink of successfully gaining profit from their work and money. He says the hard yards have been run and with the plant totally refurbished and orders for the next two years production secured, the time is ripe to buy in.
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