dear qqqqqqqqq

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    Gday mate for sometime now i have put up with your constant dribble. Tell me you tell people to beware that so and so ramped a stock at certain prices, yet all you do is downramp stocks, after they have already gone down substantially.

    NRT you never said nothing at over $8 but when it gets hammered you jump on and think your the Messiah. Same with NAL, LUM and EPT to name a few. NAL has bounced 20% since your ridiculous calls of bloodbaths etc. You say Stolwyk has lost people money, but so are you for calling further losses when these companies are going to bounce back. NRT is back from mid $6. EPT has bounced back and yes will trade wildly but you have to epect some profit taking after yesterday 20% rise.

    LUM is the same where were you when it was 90 cents, i didn't see you calling it down from there.

    You never recommend a stock only bash those which people comment on. You are worthless to this forum, and the only use you provide is some humpour because you are obviously un-educated. WHich stocks do you hold my friend, lets hear them for all the forum to see, how about you name 2 stocks you think are alright.

    Get a life, and stop bothering those who are making money trading the swings.
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