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dear knuckles

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    Gday my poor friend, firstly i believe this is a forum where a persons opinion is what drives the whole idea of a forum. So when i said it was about to burst that was my observations, i did say that it has risen already and was unlikely but none the less as someone else said a stalemate was occurring. I didn't actually say which way it would burst either now did i.

    So obviously you have the mental capabilities of a 7 year old...hang on most 7 year olds have a brain. Before you try to tackle people on remember it is a forum and no one cares if you dont like what someone says...i bet your the type who says you hate certain programs yet watch them simply because you have no life or no one to cuddle up to.

    Its ok mate, your nickname knuckles suggest you like to use your fists simply because of the amount of frustrations you get into yourself because of your sorry excuse for a life. So do me a favour and now be quiet!
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