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dear jeremy and dave

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    As a long term shareholder (who exited for almost six months earlier this year) I would like to publicly reply to your open letter to shareholders as attached to the EGM announcement.
    Firstly, many thanks for your contribution to my prosperity. I was one of the individuals who you phoned in late 2005 to oust our old friend Wozza. I voted for you back then but this time you will not be getting my backing.
    1/ The market sees JMS as a turnaround story. For that perception to become relity it is imperative you both go. This reason alone cuts the mustard for me.
    2/ Dave you have been selling heavily in the market of late and quite frankly you have sealed your own fate. You obviously see the EGM as a mere formality.
    3/ You two brought Brockman into the equation but subsequently ignored Mt Mason. Remember all those timelines you guys put out to the market last year? By ignoring Mt Mason you have put potential iron ore producuion back by at least 12 months. Thanks for nothing! I believe the sp would never have tanked to the extent it did if you two had kept pushing the Yilgarn.
    4/ You are side tracked too easily and lack the ability to put runs on the board. All the achievements you list are simply bringing deals to the table but you appear unable to take these deals to the next step.
    My impression is you two are good deal makers but thats it. Your skills set suits a start up type company. JMS has moved past that point and now needs runs on the board. JMS has all the deals it needs for its size and is now at a stage where it must start turning these deals into something tangible.
    If you two pop up somewhere else I may - and I do say may - be interested but for JMS you both must go.
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