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Glad you read that far. 2020 January ...correction.How is it...

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    Glad you read that far. 2020 January ...correction.

    How is it that Professionals can reckon on October 21 2019 that in @approximately 6 weeks” they will complete the Scoping study but then the No Nonsense management here keep updating about delaying it?

    Substantiation on “approximately 6 weeks” “will update on results” in screenshot:

    It’s as if by saying “update” the no nonsense management already know it’s not a final release —not to be completed in other words?

    On October 21 2020 did management already know that the scoping study will not be completed? Hatchwork yes DONE but why is it only 7 or 8 weeks later the status changes to not completed? Professionals can surely see ahead 8 weeks what inputs they need. And this is still in December 2020. Muslims and Chinese most likely don’t recognize the Western Christian holiday season.

    do you see my point?-

    detailed Financial modelling inputs from DFS were needed, How is it 8 weeks later they didn’t see that coming?

    i would think it’s very unfair on shareholders this carrot on a stock treatment

    Did the scoping study happen at all? I’ve seen no evidence of Hatch Engineering’s scoping of a plant.

    my last post on this also here

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