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Dear Doc, In reply to your Investability webinar...

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    Dear Doc

    In reply to your question,

    About top industry players, Would they be there if there was a problem with the product?

    My reply is:

    They can still be there and there can be a problem with the product. That’s a negotiating point.

    Case in point why trust waivers, mate:

    In Mali Lithium claimed from the General Lithium Corporation MOU that the MOU demonstrates demand for high quality spodumene concentrate, but 6 months later in 2019 Ending June Quarterly Activities there was no binding agreement this already DEMONSTRATED DEMAND? I note @tendoji had already in February had notified readers of this forum that at a conference in Shanghai GLC and management at that time didn’t look so happy. So already after 3 months it was having issues?

    If no issue why would General Lithium Corporation give up on the MOU gifting them rights to 200ktpa SC? It would be too easy to make conditions for the binding agreement. What was MLL seeking from GLC? GLC In 2019 was seeking Offtake. Now even if that demand was not in its time frame, why would 55% Rights be cast aside?

    Can you see how this can be viewed as a failure of Goulamina?

    In same Quarterly the company confessed from Densimetic testing via HLS the Spodumene is mostly fine grained at Goulamina than previously thought, Does this mean the company was hoping for a more conventional simpler DMS + F oriented approach?

    Is this a failure of Goulamina to be standard in profile? I see from announcements facts concerning coarse grained Spodumene was made conspicuous in announcements dating 5 years back.

    Where there is failure there are lessons learned.

    The Scoping study downstream strategy was not successful first try, how can this not be seen as nothing other than a failure of Goulamina to deliver? I can see the SS is under review are you intending to release an announcement on progress? Many shareholders believe there is no market, lolz...and this after Cru Group and Roskill fawn over the viability...

    I have more questions but that’s enough for now.

    I’m hoping to hear from you, as my friend said he emailed you months ago about such matters of the scoping study but no reply??

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