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    How many of us looked at this after the banner ads lately?
    Its seems that you are trading an instrument that is a CFD over the counter trade. You buy $10k worth of stock, but put down only 10% of the value, $1k .So you buy on credit, and you are leveraged, and no commission.
    Does anybody know much about how strong this company is?
    What prudential authority, if any , regulates the OTC trades?
    You must sell your position back to them only, so you are not trading real shares.Thats what a CFD is.

    It all sounds rather like the virtual sharemarket scams (apologies if it isnt) where you run your trades up to 50-100% profit with real money, and then the master of the game runs off with all the money. You are often left to sue some o/seas co. with $2 capital.
    How big is the assetts of the company issuing these instuments? They claim to be owned by a Euro private company that doesnt disclose it position.

    I only spoke to them for a few minutes, so maybe someone knows more about them than me, and can put our mind at ease.
    Until then, dont assume that someones great just because they put ads on HC.
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