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    m-Vision achieving breakthrough to the mobile phone industry with O2


    Board of Directors of GoConnect Ltd (“GCN”) is pleased to advise that the

    achieved a significant breakthrough to the mobile phone industry in the adoption
    of the m-Vision video subscription service. m-Vision has only been launched by
    GCN as a subscription service since the end of June this year and so it is
    particularly pleasing that GCN has already secured the support of this service
    from O2, one of the most significant players of the mobile phone industry in the
    world, and is the core brand of mmO2 plc.

    is continuing to work with a number of other major mobile device vendors and
    mobile carriers to bundle m- Vision to value-add to their existing product
    offerings. Attached please find a copy of a joint Press Release for further



    xda supports Video service in Malaysia

    Lumpur, Melbourne Friday, 4 July 2003 – O2 (Online) Limited, a division of
    mmO2 plc, has become the first company in the world to introduce subscription
    video services on a mobile device. This service will soon be supported on their
    PDA-Phone called the xda and Malaysia will be the first country to enjoy such
    state-of-the-art subscription service in collaboration with an Australian listed
    public company,

    Ltd (“GCN”).

    video subscription service from GCN is called m -Vision and is delivered using
    the patented GoTrek technology developed and owned by GCN. Using GoTrek,
    Malaysian subscribers with an O2 xda will be able to receive TV quality videos
    over the public GPRS network supported by mobile operators like Maxis, Celcom,
    Digi and TimeCel. The O2 xda uses Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition and is
    acclaimed to be the first in the world to have introduced a device using this
    platform in 2002. GoTrek leverages this platform to enable the m-Vision video
    services on the O2 xda. m -Vision provides a range of content including movie
    trailers, music videos, video horoscope, sports, business, etc. Additional
    content including drama, comedy, science and technology, e tc, will be
    introduced over the next 12 months. When online over GPRS, special m -Vision
    messages are interactive and one tap on the content will link the subscriber to
    designated websites to book a movie ticket, to purchase the music CD or simply,
    to obtain more information about the content. The age of m-commerce has finally
    arrived to Malaysia with subscribers being able to “sample the goods” before
    they purchase.

    the Malaysian subscribers, m -Vision is providing local content in movie
    trailers distributed by Golden Screen Cinema group and Speedy Video group for
    the Malaysian market, and full- length music videos as well as other
    international video content. O2 launched the xda in September 2002 in Malaysia
    and the xda has been very well received across the country and around the world.
    O2 (Online) Ltd (Malaysia Branch) Country Manager, Ng Kien Lock, said, “We had
    said in the past months that newer services like video services will be
    supported on the xda. Now, we are making this come true in Malaysia for xda
    users through our collaboration with GoConnect using their m -Vision service.
    This is another first for xda users in the world and is extending the ability of
    their O2 xda’s while making the xda a true video player on the move.”

    with GoConnect, will offer an exciting subscription package to new and existing
    xda users from August to enable them not only the convenience to enjoy video on
    the xda, but also to provide them with a special m-Vision incentive package to
    reward their loyalty to the company. Existing and new customers of the xda can
    now email us their name and handphone number at
    mailto:[email protected]
    to indicate their
    interest in securing the m -Vision incentive package. This offer will be limited
    to the first 500 interested parties. With m -Vision, whenever subscribers have a
    spare moment, they can watch the latest music video, the latest movie offering,
    or check the latest comment on

    Street, even when they are not connected to GPRS at that time.” Commenting on
    the launch of m -Vision for Malaysia, Mr Richard Li. Executive Chairman of
    GoConnect said, “We are absolutely delighted to be able to work with a
    visionary company such as O2 to launch m -Vision firstly to the Malaysian mobile
    phone market. m -Vision represents the beginning of a whole new entertainment
    media industry, that of “Mobile Media”. Just imagine the amount of spare
    time your mobile phone is with you but you are not on the phone or doing mobile
    computing. Now you can enjoy that spare moment watching your favorite music
    video on your O2 xda!

    have also been working closely with Microsoft to deploy m -Vision on the
    Microsoft Pocket PC, the Pocket PC Phone such as the O2 xda, and the Microsoft
    Smartphone. While there are at present a handful of video capable phone devices
    in the market place, and users of these devices are able to pull down short
    video clips for viewing, there is at present not any other established media
    service like m -Vision that will provide the variety and the TV quality image of
    videos like m -Vision for the hand held device,  regardless of their
    Internet connection speed. The m -Vision video subscription service is now live
    and can be purchased online at

    further information regarding this Media Release, please contact Mr Ng Kien

    of O2 (Online) Limited on +60 12 3887661 or by email to
    [email protected];

    Mr Richard Li of GoConnect Ltd on +61 3 99937000 or by email to

    [email protected]

    mmO2 plc and O2 (Online) Limited

    plc is a leading provider of mobile communications services in Europe with a
    strong position in mobile data and Internet services. The company is listed on
    the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately 5
    billion GBP and has 20 million mobile phone subscribers. The company is made up
    of mobile assets in four countries, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and
    Ireland. Additionally, it has operations on the Isle of Man and a leading
    Internet portal business.

    its technological insight and deep commitment, it intends to lead the field in
    data services with the highest quality networks and state-of-the-art wireless
    solutions. mmO2 were pioneers in introducing GPRS and in December 2001 its Manx
    Telecom business launched its third generation network, the first fully
    operational 3G system in Europe.

    2002, the company launched its new multimedia- messaging service. Users of the
    service are able to send and receive media-rich messages - a combination of
    text, sounds, images and video - to specially enabled handsets. O2 xda was
    introduced into the European and Asian markets as a state-of-the-art PDA-Phone
    to enhance the usage of  GPRS and mobile data services.

    2003, the company plans to exploit newer capabilities as they become more widely
    available, in particular GPRS, providing mobile devices with 'always on'
    connections to web-based services. It will be launching full mobile web browsing
    and a range of exciting new mobile devices to make the most of these

    (Online) Limited has its headquarters in Singapore and currently operates in
    Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea. Its focus is to work with mobile
    operators in the Asia Pacific region to strengthen their mobile data revenue in
    the coming years by leveraging the experience and leadership of mmO2 plc in
    Europe. O2 xda was introduced to the various markets that O2 operates in 2H


    GoConnect Ltd

    Ltd (“GCN”) is an online media communications company listed on the
    Australian and German stock exchanges. GCN prides itself on its ability to
    deliver TV quality interactive audio/video content via the Internet regardless
    of the connection speed of the user, broadband or narrowband, wired or wireless
    with the use of its  patented GoTrek push technology. GCN has already
    launched 11 video content channels over the past 18 months on fixed line
    while at the same time the company has entered into affiliate agreements with 12
    organizations to promote and to distribute the patented GoTrek technology. See
    attached link:
    GCN, powered by GoTrek, delivers global television via the public Internet
    infrastructure by defying the limitations of narrowband, which of course remains
    the access mode for over 90% of the world's online population.

    successfully introduced GoTrek TV to the fixed line Internet world, GCN has now
    extended GoTrek as a video subscription service branded as m -Vision (
    ) to the wireless Internet, again defying the
    limitations of WiFi, GPRS,
    or 3G in delivering TV quality audio/video to the mobile device. With the
    patented GoTrek push technology, consumers can finally receive "Mobile
    Media" in TV quality over the wireless Internet on hand held devices. GCN
    is working with a number of WiFi hotspot operators, mobile carriers and mobile
    device vendors in Asia and Australia to adopt m -Vision to promote the usage of
    the wireless Internet network, from WiFi to GPRS to CDMA1x to 3G. As a push
    technology, GoTrek enables mobile carriers to optimize the utilization of their
    network capacity over the 24 hours, providing far superior economies and
    efficiency to a mobile network compared to the current on-demand system of
    retrieving video or other content onto the mobile device. For content providers,
    again unlike the current system of on demand video, pulled and downloaded onto
    the handset by the subscriber, the m-Vision service is supported by a
    sophisticated content management system to ensure that GCN, rather than the
    subscriber, retains the ultimate control over the content delivered.

    www.gotrek.com.au  www.thebestmix.com 


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