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deal making not everyones business

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    you know i like the way some companys create a hype with new executive staff they bring on board

    they make them out to be as "good as gold"

    but when it comes to measuring there performance the "big ????????????" mark gets raised

    ok, you are so good of a deal maker been with company for almost a year or so but havn;t sealed any deals yet??????

    i bet you are really good when it comes to flying first class, living a luxury life and enjoying the finest hotel accommodation ....thanks to the shareholders

    just wait....just wait...just wait

    give me a break, i have been working hard not to work so hard>>>get it? how do you measure performance? after 1 year 2 years or 100 years?

    it was many months ago that everything was going well pending fda approval and in advanced phase of negotiations now its concluding?????????i am confused about this whole thing? no mention of nspire, no mention about how the sales VP is progressing what is he actually doing?


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