Deadly warmist politics

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    “ELDERLY person dies (of cold) every SEVEN minutes due to fuel poverty ‘scandal’ ”
    “2014 was the warmest year on record”
    Two recent headlines: one is truthful, the other not — and, while seemingly incongruous, they are connected.
    It is a fact, according to British charity Age UK, 3.5 million elderly Britons are at risk from winter cold. It is estimated 25,000 “excess winter deaths” across Britain will result from the inability of the poor to afford power because renewable energy policies have driven it beyond reach. One-third of those polled by Age UK worried how they would heat their homes.
    Tragically, that first headline is true and the deaths continue."

    "After Copenhagen’s failure, Paris is do or die. The climate change movement is rooted in power, money and emotion — not science. It is indecently obsessive and authoritarian. In fact, it’s the people behind this movement who pose the greatest threat to humanity, not the climate. The sooner we accept it, the quicker the poor will come in from the cold."
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