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de ja vu

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    hedgie said something yesterday about flipping the charts sideways and it still looks the same.

    how about upside down?

    perhaps its just my little perverse mind .....but i had one of those de ja vu moments.

    am i crazy, or does one else think we're experiencing the reverse of may-july last year. go ahead - flip your charts upside and compare the indicators.

    we're currently in our 6th week of skirting around the lows. if the pattern holds, we may continue to skirt the lows for another approx. 3-4 weeks +/- before we break out of this bear (and my moving averages suggest that its highly possible time wise). if the patterns holds, it also suggests a slight dip lower than the january lows and then off to the races. wouldn't that be an amazing bear trap - everyone hopping in short at the break, only to see it quickly reverse?

    i know - i obviously need sleep. i'm seeing things. :)

    cheers all. safe trading the swings.

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