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Thanks for your well thought out reply Luca. I curse any system...

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    Thanks for your well thought out reply Luca.

    I curse any system that rewards insensate destruction

    But I tend to look at a much bigger picture, and consider the human nature, motive, and psychology behind the behaviour of Shorting, rather than the simple financial objectivism.

    Shorting is nothing more than someone betting on, and also helping to promote, the destruction and desolation of something good that others are working hard to create. It is a bet, and a promotion of the negative.

    The more the entity is destroyed or debilitated or beaten down by someone, then the more money that person can potentially make. This is not conducive to optimistic and healthy behaviour, nor will it help to promote goodwill and positivism in human society.

    How can this sort of attitude, ever promote optimism and goodness and the positive development of human society? Put simply, it can't, because it was created for one purpose only.

    In other words, in order for someone to selfishly accumulate personal wealth, that person is promoting and supporting the destruction of something good, something that other honest and decent and fair people are attempting to create.

    If one can smash something down and destroy it, then they will make money - if people cannot see how evil this is, then they are no better than the greedy plutocrats that created it and continue to promote it.

    If people cannot see, or understand, the inherent moral delinquency in this type of behaviour, or the negativity, or the destructive nature of this on good people, then they are morally bankrupt and without hope.

    Do you have children?
    Have you built them a Cubby House in the back yard?
    Do you feel proud of this, and happy for your family? So you would like to build a second house.
    But your son comes along and burns it down or destroys it. Are you angry?

    Do you reward him, when he says that he did so because it gains him greater prestige with the gang of louts and criminals that run his neighbourhood teenage group?

    How would you feel about this?
    Are you proud of your son for doing this, and do you support the system that would (actually) promote and reward him for burning down something good that others are trying to build?

    Great, let's burn down everyone's good and hard work, because the system will reward us for doing so!

    Is that the fault of the people attempting to build something good, or those attempting to burn it down, or the system for promoting and rewarding the destruction of anything that someone works hard to build?

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who cannot see and understand and feel the moral evil in this, is either naive at best, or excessively greedy, or psychopathic, or self obsessed, or narcissistic, or stupid, or egotistic to the extreme, but more than anything is probably just not(emotionally) intelligent enough to understand the reasons behind who and why the various systems that we (have) to operate under today have been set up the way they have. I pity those people. I pity their negativity, and the promotion of it.

    And I curse any system that rewards insensate destruction.

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