db .."he won't get on a bus"

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    "But Barenboim for some reason, he won't get on a bus........" says pocket billiards who is on his own bus to oblivion with yak by jingo as the driver.

    Anyway, here we have Daniel Barenboim, putting together a concert for Palestinians in Ramallah in the West Bank in the hope that “beautiful music can stir emotions other than anger and hatred." Fantastic.

    But there is more to it.

    He correctly constructs the opinion that Israel’s obsession is with identity politics “and that they often have little sense of how things are intermingled with one another, and together form part of a whole.” AND simply, his solution is one of morphing out of this identity politics altogether, for if you suppress an important element of yourself, you are constrained in your dealings with others. Very simple.

    Barenboim notes that the first movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony, for example, starts from the depths of chaos and finds an extraordinary way to order and jubilation. He's the brave driver on this particular bus heading away from the Likud-dominated "anger and hatred" bus.

    One has to admire DB for demonstrating what he sees as a more encompassing and rewarding solution for all in the region.

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