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    I find it very surprising more hotcopperites aren't on this one already.

    SWT is is tech sector. Fastest growing ADSL seller in Australia. They have so far met all of their growth forecasts, expanded to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

    Junior telco, fast growing, making money, nto hard to figure out where this one will be in a year.

    They forecast a profit of $1.5 million end of next year, with a market capitialization on current share price of around $15 million, that sits them on a PE of around 10.

    Best of all it is currently trading in the 10-12c cent range so is perfect for short term trades, with each increment being worth 5%. The most rewarding trading is in this range, and if the medium term is up and up, then it is very hard to go wrong at all.

    SWT has to be the perfect stock to own at these prices.

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