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    JKA -

    Thanks warrenatk.

    Great read.

    Gavin Wendt formally of fatprophets is an excellent analyst. His calls for fatprophets were great (now FP is crap!!!)

    I like the end of the article.

    With exposure to highly prospective oil acreage in North, West and East Africa, as well as offshore
    Australia, a market value of just $12 million, $4 million cash in the bank and a highly-credentialed
    CEO in the form of Scott Spencer, Jacka Resources represents an incredibly cheap oil sector
    opportunity with a huge amount of potential upside.
    We initially recommended the stock as a Spec Buy around $0.13 in late July and encouragingly
    despite sharemarket turmoil, Jacka’s share price has performed strongly. If you missed our initial
    buy-in recommendation, now is the perfect time to acquire stock.

    With the London presentation tonight, now might be time indeed to acquire more. I'm stocking up.

    Thanks again
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