Daytrading Afternoon 13 July

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    Really... it's the 13th of July already!   That is crazy.

    The beauty of this thread (besides Britneek of course) is that we have many eyes scanning the market for opportunities which may be of interest.  This is certainly evident when people make statements about how quiet or boring the day has been, while others are like the cat that caught the mouse. Keep sharing the love and we are all better for it.

    My day depicted in pictures

    2386019200000578-0-image-14_1417014898879.jpg photo-1-png.jpeg mess2.jpg

    Stay warm (fires on here) and may good fortune smile upon you

    @highlandlad will be back tomorrow.  
    (My kids think quality time is getting 3 meals a day. Otherwise, it must be xmas.)
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