daytrades june 30 afternoon

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    Afternoon all. I am being HLL lite again. I won't do too good a job or there will be a clamour for me to replace him. lol

    I have a few lo bid orders on most of the usual suspects but doesn't look too promising. Where are the desperate sellers? I'm looking hard at MDI and WAF but starting to suspect that there might be more to their demise?

    Happy with my main stocks NTU and RMS and had a couple of trades out of NTU but too slow on recent jump. Best practice seems to be stick to your knitting. Too slow for the bounces on CEO and CGM. probe had bids too low of course.

    OK, the hunt starts for the tax loss special of the day.

    Looks like Commsec won't post their arvo report in time so I am stuck for any real comment on market. This will just make you appreciate HLL's efforts even more.

    Happy Trades
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