Daytraders After Market Lounge 14th July

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    Good Afternoon

    Thanks thread handlers

    Well us traders need to find out about the number of open orders you can have concurrently open.

    Did a income day, two DTs and one ST, All mentioned more than once today  

    Did some research in MOX for Li and it seems they have some Lepidolite  which can be cool depending on the amount of recoverable Li etc.

    Approx ending
    XAO:  + 21.50
    XJO:  + 23.10

    Entertainment: Some jukebox

    Bar is open: Free first drink again but no blue label
    Food is a BBQ, do not worry no left overs.
    Oh there was a complaint about a dog in the room last night. It was a guide dog for a trader, so alls good.

    A song that reminds me of Trading

    Sleep Well
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