Daytraders After Market Lounge 10th Feb

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    Good Afternoon

    I already mentioned my trades, got in early and got out for a income day. Might take a pinch again tommorrow morning ??? dml


    Approx ending
    XAO:  + 12.70
    XJO:  + 14.30
    Dow Futures:  + 28.00

    Entertainment: Spin the Bottle for a ASX stock

    Tonight the famous bottle spinner will be in the party room to show their skills at picking DTs using a bottle and cards

    Bar is open as you will need a drink after the show. Free drinks for deso
    Bring a bucket to catch the gifts thrown into the crowd during the show

    Check out the white board specials (no blackboard now due to WHS)

    There may be a job sharing position opening up on HC for the AM party room soon. Please respond to RFT document attached to this post

    Listen and Learn
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