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    Hi patterns, I really respect you and the work you do here, your charts have helped me in the past so thank you!

    I have to respectfully disagree, not with government support giving momentum to markets but the current stimulus is utter garbage in my book, and does very little, giving free payrole tax? When it’s cheaper and more cost effective to just lay off staff, giving companies up to a 100k that they can then take before letting staff go? Giving access to OUR super instead of using government/tax payer money, our money to support us? Then actually giving out tax payer money to increase new start that was already below poverty line.

    This entire debacle is showing the government's true colours, scomo is an utter twat and way out of his depth and is just showing the massive holes in the system

    The entire thing is a joke and their is so far nothing great about the current stimulus, how is accessing your own super a good thing? The government should be propping us up not our retirement funds.

    Edit: What good is payrole tax benefit when you have to shut down your entire business? Again the package is a joke.
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