Day trading pre-market open March 27, page-49

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    Morning all.

    Peeps should remember that all the big funds and mobs like Goldman Sachs have been basically traders for many years now. Instos aren't buying and holding LT any more. So what we are seeing here is them taking the opportunity to trade on a massive scale. The trade on APT by MUFG is a classic example. These peeps aren't thinking too much about the virus or the economy. They are brainstorming the situation and as they are prob the smartest guys in the room, they are coining it. Maybe next week they will trip over a dead body in the street and think "gee this is serious".

    I'm not sure if I'm being a reasonable person or a complete mug atm. I'd like to be a super trader but never really had the skill or temperament to do it.

    Pretty sure we will wake up one morning soon and the US market will have crashed.

    But in the meantime. Be careful and def $$$s to be made for the quick.

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