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    Investment highlights▪ OpenLearning has signed a combined usage-based SaaS and reseller agreement with global not-for-profit High Resolves, to deliver all their peak learning experiences online during school closures ▪ High Resolves designs and delivers award-winning learning experiences across hundreds of schools in Australia, the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil, which have engaged over 350,000 students in hundreds of schools thus far▪ Every school will get an OpenLearning portal where they can create additional courses at no cost until March 2021 to support them through COVID-19▪ High Resolves will pay OpenLearning an annual SaaS fee ranging from A$50k (15,000 students) to A$90k (30,000+ students) depending on usage of High Resolves across all school portals in 2020▪ High Resolves’ sales force will promote the retention of schools interested in digital or hybrid experiences next year and their conversion into annual paying SaaS customer from 2021 for circa 30% of the estimated SaaS fee of circa A$3,000 per school▪ High Resolves is OpenLearning’s first SaaS client to utilise the platform for high school students, demonstrating the flexibility and scalability of the OpenLearning platform

    OLL, signed with not for profit organisation that "re sell" so they haven't secured any schools yet, just touting numbers that correlate to nothing at this stage because they haven't signed a single school.

    Meanwhile Google Classroom is free and used by most already in Australia including my local school and allows direct access to the portal for learning inline with local standards.

    Not sure how this is a good ANN?
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