Possible reasons being markets are ahead of the curve knew job...

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    Possible reasons being markets are ahead of the curve knew job fig were going to be rubbish.. priced in for 5m+ so albeit weird 3.28m is actually a win. Similar to a co expecting to lose 2b and only losing 1b. = company can run on that.. also these job figures are more likely temporarily high atm they are attributed to businesses closing due to covid - lockdown.. when people are back out and spending again the workloads will resume and people ie current unemployed will need to fill those jobs.. of course won't be 1 for 1 but it's different to all manufacturing going OS and there literally being nothing for these people to do due to a skills issue..
    Just some thoughts

    but this is great for DTing I don't understand all the negativity towards this stuff. Esp on this thread.. this is what we live and breath for.. Yes sucks if you are holding on the way down as a LT investor but swings like these as a DT/ST are what can take you up a level.. Haha anyways

    BET looking like a solid open
    OLL good ann.. perfect timing
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